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New Qty. ITEM Atacom Part No. PRICE QTY. AMOUNT
Ergotron SRVC-AMULIF-G POS Gold Annual Service Contract LiFe Carts MNAC_ATAC_SR_54 $146.95 1 $146.95
StarTech ET91000SC2 Gigabit Ethernet Multi Mode Fiber Media Converter SC 550m (Retail) NETA_STAR_ET_15 $168.95 1 $168.95
Supermicro F617H6-FTPT+ 4 Node, Dual XEON E5-2600 v2 C602 4U FatTwin LGA2011 High Density-Server w/ X9DRFF-7T+, CSE-F414IS-R1K62B, 1x PCI-Express X16, 2x 10GBase-T, IPMI, 8x 3.5 Inch HDD, 1620W Redundant PSU, SAS, VGA: SYS-F617H6-FTPT+ SYI4_SUPE_F6_36 $5394.95 1 $5394.95
IBase ASB200-895 Aluminum Fanless Chassis System for IB895 3.5INCH SBC Intel Atom D2550 1.86GHz CPU 2.5INCH 250GB SATA HDD 2GB DDR3 memory 60W ISFB_IBAS_AC_05 $559.00 1 $559.00
ibase Embedded Systems,FanLess,Aluminum System with MB899HF, Intel 440 (1.83GHz) CPU, 1GB DDR2, 2.5 inch 80GB HDD, 110W DC-DC Converter, 1x DVI-I+DVI-D, 1x VGA, 2x RJ45 ISFF_IBAS_MB_81 $715.95 1 $715.95
IEI AFL2RK-15 Monitor Rack mounting kit For 15INCH AFL2-15A Type Series R10 IRMO_IEIX_AF_08 $165.00 1 $165.00
HGST Solid-State Drives 0TS1304 HUSMR7664BHP301 6.4TB HH-HL add-in card PCI Express RI 15NM SN260 3DW/D Bare SSPC_HITA_64_01 $3901.95 1 $3901.95
IEI ECW-281BWD-R10/D2550/2GB Fanless embedded system with WAFER-CV-D25501 with dual core Intel ATOM D2550 1.86G 4 serial ports with 2GB DDR3 ISFF_IEIX_AC_05 $650.00 1 $650.00
SUPERMICRO SYS-1026TT-IBXF 1U SERVER Barebone VMWare Certified W/ 2 x X8DTT-IBXF BLACK SYI1_SUPE_10_BX $2582.95 1 $2582.95
Subtotal: $14285.70
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