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IEI,ECN-680AW-H61-i3-R10,Intel H61,Embedded System,Core i3 Dual Core 2xxxT CPU (Above 2.5GHz), TDP 35W,,1 x 204-pin 1066/1333 MHz dual-channel DDR3 SDRAM DIMM slot (system max. 8GB),1 x HDMI,1 x DVI-D,1 x VGA,2 x RJ-45 Gigabit LAN,build-in 802.11b/g/n wi ISFB_IEIX_DI_33 $910.00 1 $910.00
Crucial Memory CT4G4SFS624A 4GB DDR4 2400 CL17 SR x16 Unbuffered SODIMM 260pin MEN4_CRUC_04_41 $25.95 1 $25.95
IBase CSB110-902HD-i3 CSB110+IB902F i3-3120ME CPU System 4GB RAM 320G HD-Fanless System ISFF_IBAS_I3_01 $1099.95 1 $1099.95
IEI AFLFP-W410A-G-R10 10.2INCH Faceplate for AFL-W410A series Gray color IAMO_IEIX_AF_25 $140.00 1 $140.00
Supermicro 6047R-TXRF XEON E5-2600 C602 Dual LGA2011 4U SuperServer VMWare Certified :SYS-6047R-TXRF SYI4_SUPE_64_13 $1258.20 1 $1258.20
AIC CS XE1-4H000-05_X09 4U 60Bay 3x20PT 12G EOB BP 1600W CRPS w slide rail CASR_AICX_2A_1F $4326.95 1 $4326.95
Innodisk D2SN-32GJ20AW2ES 32GB FiD 2.5 Inch SATA 25000 SSD Industrial SLC 8 Channel, Wide Temperature -40 - +85c, 240 Read / 200 Write IFIS_INNO_D2_27 $693.95 1 $693.95
Advantech AIMB-222G2-S0A1E AMD 785E mini-ITX Motherboard w/ Optional Athlon II Neo 1.7GHz, 4GB DDR3-1066 SO-DIMM, VGA, LVDS, HDMI, 2x GBLAN IMBM_ADVA_NE_24 $389.95 1 $389.95
IEI ACE-A160A-R10 600W PS/2 ATX Power Supply w/ ERP, ATX PS/2 Type Power Supply IPAX_IEIX_60_06 $315.95 1 $315.95
Supermicro SYS-1016I-UF 1U Rackmount Server Barebone XEON X3400/L3400 LGA1156 w/ CSE-113TQ-330UB , X8SIU-F , DDR3, 8x 2.5 SATA, 2x GBLAN, 330W SYI1_SUPE_10_10 $919.95 1 $919.95
IEI CB-NOLP4-RS 20cm Cable for Terminal Block DC Input, Power Optional Cable IRCP_IEIX_CB_23 $14.95 1 $14.95
ASRock MB X570D4I-2T AMD Ryzen3 X570 Max.64GB DDR4 PCIE mini-ITX Retail MBM4_ASRK_X5_7X $689.95 1 $689.95
Portwell AS5-3187-1 WEBS-1012 Intel Atom Z510 1.1GHz On-Board, 1GB RAM, US15W, Nano-ITX System w/ VGA, 1x GBLAN ISNI_PORT_AZ_45 $700.95 1 $700.95
Supermicro SYS-7047R-72RFT 4U LGA2011 C602, 8x 3.5 Hot-Swap HDD, SAS, 10GBase-T, 920W Redundant PSU w/ X9DRH-7TF, CSE-745TQ-R920B SuperServer VMWare Certified SYI4_SUPE_47_26 $1893.95 1 $1893.95
Supermicro SSG-6048R-E1CR36H 4U Rackmount Storage-Server Dual E5-2600 v3 Socket R (LGA2011) C612, DDR4, 36 x 3.5 Hot-Swap HDD, SATA3, 2 x 10GBLAN, IPMI, KVM, DOM, 1280W Redundant PSU w/ X10DRH-iT, CSE-847BE1C-R1K28LPB SYI4_SUPE_47_3T $3894.95 1 $3894.95
Supermicro SYS-4047R-7JRFT 4U/Tower Intel XEON E5-4600 Intel C602 LGA2011 HPC-Server VMWare Certified DDR3, 2x 10GBase-T, 8x PCI-E X16, 48x 2.5 Hot-Swap HDD, SAS2, SATA 6G, IPMI, RAID, VGA, 1620W Redundant PSU w/ X9QR7-TF-JBOD, CSE-418E16-R1K62B2: SYS-40 SYI4_SUPE_40_11 $4216.95 1 $4216.95
Subtotal: $21603.50
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