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IEI WAFER-PV-N4552-R10 3.5 Inch Embedded Single Board Computer WAFER w/ On-Board Atom N455 1.66GHz 512KB Single Core, DDR3 SO-DIMM, VGA, LVDS, 2x GBLAN IMB3_IEIX_AP_09 $399.95 1 $399.95
Jetway JBC128F83-B AMD R-Series APU FS1r2 A75, 2x DDR3-1600 SO-DIMM, 2x GBLAN, Audio, 2x 2.5 HDD Bays, 2x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0, 4x HDMI, 2x COM, 1x PCI-Express X16, mini-PCIe, mini-ITX: HBJC128F83-B ISDS_JETA_U1_28 $364.95 1 $364.95
IEI TANKCF-101B-XPE-1GB-R10 Windows XP Embedded Operating System image for TANK-101B with 1GB CompactFlash memory card ISFB_IEIX_AP_13 $140.00 1 $140.00
Innodisk DES8D-01GJ30AW1SSF 1GB SATADOM D150SH-L Low-Profile Pin7 VCC (With Spacer Hole, SLC Single Channel, Wide Temperature -40 - +85c, 23 Read / 5 Write IFSD_INNO_DD_14 $45.95 1 $45.95
PNY SSD M280CS2140-1TB-RB 1TB CS2140 M.2 NVMe PCIe 3D Flash Retail IFMS_PNYX_2A_0H $186.95 1 $186.95
Supermicro SuperServer SYS-1019D-16C-FRN5TP, 1U Rackmount Server Barebone, Intel Xeon D-2183IT Processor, 4X DDR4, 2X 2.5Inch Bays , 2X EDSFF, 2X 10GBLAN, 2X10GB SFP+, IPMI, 3.0 PCI-E, M.2, VGA, USB, 400W PSU SYI1_SUPE_2E_9D $3846.95 1 $3846.95
QNAP SSD SSD-M2080-64GB-A01 64GB SSD Module M.2 2280 SATA 6Gb/s f/ES1640dc v2 Retail IFMS_QNAP_00_11 $199.95 1 $199.95
IEI BP-7S-RS-R40 7-Slot ISA Passive Backplane, ISA Backplane IPBI_IEIX_B0_73 $75.95 1 $75.95
IBASE SYS-08-2G-NH COMPLETE Signage System, AMD G-Series Dual-Core APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), T56N=1.65GHz @ 18W TDP, AMD G-Series Dual-Core APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), T56N=1.65GHz @ 18W TDP, DDR3-1333, 1 x Hybrid-DVI, 1 x RJ45 for Gigabi ISFF_IBAS_08_2G $609.95 1 $609.95
IEI POC-19i-i5/2G/320G-R10 19INCH Medical Panel PC with Core i5-520M 2.4GHz 2G DDR3 RAM x20G HDD wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n Touch Screen power adapter ISPP_IEIX_MI_2E $2899.95 1 $2899.95
IEI PXE-13S-R50 13-Slot PICMG 1.3 PCIe to PCI Bridge Backplane via ITE IT8892E 1PCIe x16 3PCIe x1 8PCI IPB3_IEIX_PX_01 $199.95 1 $199.95
Advantech AIMB-502QG2-00A1E CIRCUIT BOARD, LGA1155 mATX VGA/DVI/HDMI/eSATA/PCIe 16 x1/Q77 IMBM_ADVA_DI_76 $388.95 1 $388.95
IEI 32801-000703-400-RS SATA HDD lockable round cable, 7pinL 50cm (old Model 32000-062800-RS) IRCS_IEIX_32_12 $29.95 1 $29.95
MSI Video Card N730 2GD3V3 GT730 2GB DDR3 128Bit PCI Express 2.0 DVI/HDMI/VGA Retail VIDR_MICS_73_16 $115.95 1 $115.95
Innodisk DE0H-08GD31C1DT 8GB EDC 4000 40-Pin Vertical Industrial SLC Dual Channel, Standard Temp 0-70c, 40 Read / 20 Write IFID_INNO_DE_17 $131.95 1 $131.95
Supermicro Broadcom MBM-XEM-100 Low Latency Switch, 2x 40Gbs QSP and 4x10Gbs Uplinks, 20x 10/1Gbps Downlinks, 1 Console port, 1 USB port SYIB_SUPE_SC_11 $1874.95 1 $1874.95
Subtotal: $11512.25
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