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New Qty. ITEM Atacom Part No. PRICE QTY. AMOUNT
Micron Solid State Drive MTFDDAV512TDL-1AW12ABYY 512GB 1300 M.2 2280 SED Bare IFMS_MICR_05_13 $94.95 1 $94.95
Advantech PCM-3910-00A1E PC/104, Power Module IMDB_ADVA_PW_33 $199.95 1 $199.95
IEI LVDS24-01-R10 Converter board 18-bits to 24-bits LVDS ( SPECIAL ORDER ITEM, MOQ 100 PCS) IMDB_IEIX_LV_07 $70.95 1 $70.95
Ergotron 99-033-099 Mouse Holder - Velcro Attached - Light Gray MNAC_ATAC_99_12 $14.95 1 $14.95
GIB VCX GV-R57-8GD-B Retail VIDR_GIGA_R5_8H $416.95 1 $416.95
Gigabyte Video Card GV-R938WF2-4GD R9 380 4GB DDR5 256Bitx2 DVI-I/DVI-D/Displayport/HDMI Retail VIDR_GIGA_R9_4D $349.95 1 $349.95
Peerless DCS200 Dcs 200 Mounting Component ( Ceiling Mount, Stress Decoupler ) MNAC_ATAC_DC_16 $64.95 1 $64.95
Peerless DS508 Wall Mount w/ Computer Holder 3.95 MNAC_ATAC_DS_13 $172.95 1 $172.95
Gigabyte Video Card GV-RX560GAMING OC-4GD R2 Radeon RX560 4GB GDDR5 128Bit DL-DVI-D/HDMI ATX Retail VIDR_GIGA_RX_55 $199.95 1 $199.95
IEI AFL2-W19AB-H61-i3/PC-R12 Panel PC 18.9INCH 250cd/m WXGA+ Core i3 Dual Core TDP 35W 2GB DDR3 x2 802.11b/g/n projected capacitive touchscreen ISPP_IEIX_DJ_3J $1705.00 1 $1705.00
StarTech PEXUSB3S24 2-Port PCI-Express USB3.0 Adapter with UASP SATA Power Controller Card (Retail) CONI_STAR_PE_25 $31.95 1 $31.95
MSI Video Card G2070G8 RTX 2070 GAMING 8G NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 256Bit Display Portx3/HDMI/USB PCI Express Retail VIDR_MICS_B2_8B $665.95 1 $665.95
Supermicro SYS-6037R-72RFT+ 3U LGA2011 C602, 8x 3.5 Hot-Swap HDD, 10GBase-T, IPMI, 1280W Redundant PSU w/ X9DR7-TF+, CSE-835BTQ-R1K28B HPC-Server SYI3_SUPE_37_14 $2269.95 1 $2269.95
IEI KINO-AQ870-R10 Mini-ITX SBC with Intel Haswell CPU DVI-D /VGA / DP Dual Intel PCIe GbE USB 3.0 SATA 6Gb/s HD Audio IMBM_IEIX_DI_72 $280.00 1 $280.00
IEI IMBA-C2360-i2-R10 ATX Motherboard supports 14nm LGA1151 Intel Xeon, DDR4 2133 MHz, USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s IMBA_IEIX_C3_60 $412.95 1 $412.95
IEI PM-LX2-800W-R10 Embedded Board PC/104 Series SBC with AMD LX800 500Mhz VGA/TTL LAN USB2.0 and CFII Wide Temperature -40-70C IMB4_IEIX_AG_03 $385.00 1 $385.00
Jetway NFS6Z-IH81 Mini-ITX embendded motherboard Intel Core i7,i5,i3 LGA1150 Haswell PCI slot,12 COM, 2 Full size PCIE IMBM_JETA_DI_83 $168.95 1 $168.95
Supermicro 5038A-iL XEON E5-1200 v3 C226 Tower Barebone LGA1150 SuperServer w/ X10SAE, CSE-732D4F-500B, VGA, DVI, DP, HDMI, IPMI, 2x GBLAN, 4x 3.5 SATA HDD, 500W PSU, SATA 6G: SYS-5038A-IL SYIT_SUPE_50_66 $540.95 1 $540.95
Seagate SSD XS3200LE70014 3.2TB 12Gb s SAS 2.5 inch SED Nytro3531 3 DWPD Retail SSDS_SEAG_3T_1D $1274.95 1 $1274.95
Innodisk DC1S-256D31C1SR 256MB Write Protect CF4000 CF Card Industrial SLC Single Channel, Standard Temp 0-70c, 20 Read / 10 Write DOMC_INNO_1S_20 $65.95 1 $65.95
Subtotal: $9805.11
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