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New Qty. ITEM Atacom Part No. PRICE QTY. AMOUNT
PNY NVIDIA TCSCK40KIT Tesla K40 12GB GPU Active Cooling Computing Accelerator VIDR_PNYX_TK_43 $3999.95 1 $3999.95
iBase ASB200-895 Embedded Systems FanLess AMD Sempron 1.0GHz 1x DDR2 400 SO-DIMM Max. 1GB 1x DVI 1x VGA 2x RJ45 ISFF_IBAS_S2_89 $660.95 1 $660.95
Innodisk D1SN-64GJ20ACAES 64GB FiD 1.8 Inch SATA 25000 SSD (BGA) (SATA 7+9P, micro SATA ) SLC IFCD_INNO_D1_15 $856.95 1 $856.95
Fractal Design PS FD-P-IA2G-550 Ion Gold 550W 80+Gold Fully Modular ATX Retail POWS_FRAC_2A_05 $92.95 1 $92.95
Innodisk DE0PX-01GD31W1DR 1GB EDC 4000 40-Pin Horizontal Industrial SLC Dual Channel, Wide Temperature -40 - +85c, 40 Read / 20 Write DOMI_INNO_0P_18 $57.95 1 $57.95
Samsung S19B220NW 19 Inch Widescreen 1440 x 900, 250cd/m2, 1000:1, 5 Ms, VGA LED Monitor (Black) ML19_SAMS_B2_11 $143.95 1 $143.95
Samsung SSD MZQL2960HCJR-00A07 PM9A3 960G U.2 NVMe Gen4 PCIe Bare IFMS_SAMS_2A_0J $215.95 1 $215.95
Innodisk DES8B-04GJ30AC1STF 4GB SATADOM D150SH-L SATA2 3Gb/s Low-Profile Pin7 VCC Supported Industrial SLC Single Channel, Standard Temp 0-70c, 33 Read / 30 Write DOMS_INNO_S8_63 $85.95 1 $85.95
Supermicro MBD-X12STH-LN4F-O Micro-ATX Motherboard, Intel Xeon E-2300 Processor, 10th Generation Intel Pentium Processor, Single Socket LGA-1200, Intel C256 Chipset, 4X DDR4, 4X GbE Lan, VGA, COM, M.2 MB02_SUPE_21_0L $386.95 1 $386.95
Supermicro SYS-1028TP-DTFR 1U Rackmount High Density-Server Barebone (2 Nodes), C612 Dual Xeon E5-2600 v3 Socket R3 (LGA2011) DDR4, 4 x 2.5in Bays, GBLAN, IPMI, Infiniband, SATA, PCI-E,USB Per Node 1000W Redundant PSU, w/X10DRT-PIBF & CSE-809H-R1K05 SYI1_SUPE_1D_1F $3780.95 1 $3780.95
IEI PE-10S2-R40 10-Slots Backplane w/ 1x PCI-Express X16 and 4x PCI-Express X1 and 4x PCI Slots, PXE / PE Backplane IPB3_IEIX_P1_06 $89.95 1 $89.95
Advantech PCM-3641I-AE PC/104, 8-Port RS-232 Serial COM Module IMDB_ADVA_PS_3Q $135.95 1 $135.95
IEI AFLP-12AMSR-U-R11 Magnetic Stripe Reader for AFL-12A with bracket USB interface R11 IAMO_IEIX_AF_39 $110.95 1 $110.95
Supermicro SYS-1028GQ-TVRT, 1U Rackmount GPU-Server Barebone, Intel Dual Xeon E5-2600 v3/v4 Socket R3 (LGA2011) CPU w/ C612 chipset, DDR4, 2 x 2.5in Drive Bays, 2 x 10GbLAN, IPMI, SATA, PCI-E, USB, 2000W Redundant PSU w/ X10DGQ & CSE-118GQP-R2K05B SYI1_SUPE_1D_3N $4631.95 1 $4631.95
Supermicro AS-2022TC-BTRF AMD SR5670 C32 2U 4 Node High Density-Server , DDR3, 3x SATA, IPMI, 1400W PSU, CSE-827H-R1400B , H8DCT-F SYA2_SUPE_2U_17 $2523.96 1 $2523.96
IEI,PAC-125GW-R22/A130B,Full-size Compact Chassis,with out power supply,1 x 8 cm cooling fans ICNO_IEIX_FA_W6 $300.95 1 $300.95
Advantech 10.4 Inch 800x600 LVDS w/ LED driver board XGA IDK-2110N-K2SVA2E LVDS 18/24 bits LED 1200 Nits Backlight Life 50K IDLT_ADVA_A0_B3 $355.95 1 $355.95
Advantech PCM-3644-04A1E PC/104+, 4-COM RS-232 Port Serial COM Module, ROHS IMDB_ADVA_PS_4I $225.95 1 $225.95
Liteon Solid State Drive PX-256M9PeGN 256GB M9PeGN M.2 2280 NVM Express 3000/1000 MB/Sec Retail IFMS_LITE_80_83 $125.95 1 $125.95
Kingston Memory KTD-PE424S8/8G 8GB DDR4-2400MHz Reg ECC Module Retail MEE4_KING_08_45 $58.95 1 $58.95
Toshiba XG6 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD 22x80mm <1DWPD ( KXG60ZNV512G ) IFMS_TOSH_05_13 $124.95 1 $124.95
IEI AFLP-12BMSI-U Hybrid Card Reader for AFL-12B with bracket USB interface Magnetic Smart Card iButton IAMO_IEIX_AF_41 $199.00 1 $199.00
Innodisk DES8D-128J30AW1SSF 128MB SATADOM D150SH-L Low-Profile Pin7 VCC (With Spacer Hole, SLC Single Channel, Wide Temperature -40 - +85c, 21 Read / 6 Write IFSD_INNO_DD_31 $35.95 1 $35.95
Supermicro SSG-2029P-ACR24L 2U Rackmount Storage-Server Barebone, Dual Intel Xeon Scalable Socket P(LGA3647) CPU, C624 , DDR4, 24 x 2.5in Bays, 2 x 10GBLAN, IPMI, SATA3/SAS3, PCI-E, VGA, 1200W Redundant PSU w/ X11DPH-T & CSE-216BE1C4-R1K23LPB SYI2_SUPE_2D_5B $3171.95 1 $3171.95
Liteon Solid State Drive PX-512M9PeG 512GB M9PeG M.2 2280 NVM Express 3200/2000 MB/Sec Retail IFMS_LITE_80_91 $199.95 1 $199.95
Supermicro MBD-X12STN-L-O, 3.5 Inch SBC Motherboad with Intel Core i3-1115GRE Processor, 4X Display Support(2X HDMI/DP/48-bit LVDS), 2X 2.5GbE Lan, 4X COM, 8X USB, Audio, 1X SATA3, 12-24V Power Input Support IMB3_SUPE_00_0L $515.95 1 $515.95
Innodisk DC1M-16GJ301W1QN 16GB CF-SATA (LED, Thermal Sensor) (Industrial, W/T Grade, -40 - 85C) iSLC 120 Read, 90 Write IFCF_INNO_DC_42 $173.95 1 $173.95
Subtotal: $24464.71
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