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Supermicro X9SRi-3F C606 LGA2011 ATX Server Motherboard w/ SATA, SCU, 2x GBLAN, IPMI (Retail) MB20_SUPE_C6_20 $299.16 1 $299.16
48 inch INT. 68 PIN WIDE SCSI CABLE W/6 CONN. CABF_GENE_S3_26 $29.95 1 $29.95
Supermicro SYS-1027GR-TRF-CG Intel C602 Dual Xeon E5-2600/2600 v2 Socket R (LGA2011) 1U Rackmount Server Barebone , 3x PCI-E3.0 X16, 2x GBLAN, IPMI, 4x 2.5in Hot-Swap Drive Bays SATA, 1800W Redundant PSU w/ X9DRG-HF-CLG, CSE-118GQ-R1800B, Black SYI1_SUPE_10_3B $1590.84 1 $1590.84
Kingston M1G64KL110 8GB DDR3-1600 PC3-12800 SO-DIMM 1.35V Memory RAM MEN3_KING_A2_H7 $97.95 1 $97.95
Jetway JBC200F99-525-B Intel Atom D525 1.8GHz,(TBO) 2x DDR3-1066 SO-DIMM, Embedded Barebone w/ VGA, 1x mini-PCIe, 2x GBLAN, 5x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, Audio, 1x COM, 1x Slim ODD, 1x 2.5 HDD, GEN1 Daughter Board Support: HBJC200F99-525-B ISDS_JETA_AP_23 $235.00 1 $235.00
Supermicro AS-2122TC-DL6RF4 2U Rackmount AMD Opteron 4000 A+ High Density-Server 2-Node, DDR3, 2x PCI-E X8, 4x GBLAN, IPMI, 24x Hot-Swap 2.5 Inch HDD, SAS, SATA 3G, RAID, VGA, w/ H8DCT-HLN4F, CSE-217HD-R1K28BP: AS-2122TC-DL6RF4 SYA2_SUPE_21_12 $2295.00 1 $2295.00
Patriot PCPA20001PP Purple Fuel Active Power Bank Battery POWS_PATR_FL_14 $22.95 1 $22.95
Supermicro SYS-5038A-I Mid-Tower Server Barebone, Single Xeon E5-2600/1600 v3 Socket R3 (LGA2011), C612, DDR4, 4 x 3.5in Drive Bays, GBLAN, SATA, PCIe, USB, 900W Power Supply, w/ X10SRA & CSE-732D3-903B SYIT_SUPE_50_69 $560.52 1 $560.52
PNY 030-0180-000 VHDCI to 4xDP Quadro Video Cable Adapter CABV_PNYX_VH_4D $72.95 1 $72.95
Innodisk DRPP-08GJ30AWAQS 8GB miniPCIe Dom D150 (Industrial, W/T Grade, -40 ~ 85C) SLC 110 Read, 70 Write DOMS_INNO_PC_16 $153.95 1 $153.95
Supermicro PWS-706P-1R 700W/750W Redundant Power Suply Module POWS_SUPE_70_61 $156.80 1 $156.80
Supermicro AS-2022TG-HLIBQRF 2U 4-Node AMD G34 High Density-Server VMWare Certified Black SYA2_SUPE_22_13 $4190.40 1 $4190.40
Subtotal: $9765.42
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