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IEI SPE-4S-R10 4-Slot PICMG 1.3 PCI-Express To PCI Bridge Backplane, 2 PCI-Express X8 w/ X16 Slots, 1x PCI-Express X4, SPE Backplane IPB3_IEIX_S0_43 $99.95 1 $99.95
Complete system only - Supermicro SYS-220BT-HNC9R, Four Node 2U Barebone Server, Each Node: Dual Socket P+ (LGA-4189) 3rd Gen Intel Scalable Processprs, Intel C621A Chipset, 20X DDR4, 6X 2.5 Inch Hot-Swap NVMe/SAS/SATA Dirve Bays, Broadcom, 3908 SYI2_SUPE_A2_0D $9634.95 1 $9634.95
Kingston ME HX424C15FB3A 8 8GB 2400MHz DDR4 CL15 DIMM 1Rx8 HyperX FURY RGB BK MED4_KING_08_4F $199.95 1 $199.95
Innodisk DESIH-08GJ30ACAQS 8GB SATADOM D150QV Vertical (Industrial, Standard Grade, 0C - +70C) (Industrial, Standard Grade, 0C - +70C) SLC 120 Read, 93 Write IFSD_INNO_DK_20 $132.95 1 $132.95
Seagate 1200 ST800FM0043 800GB 2.5in SAS3 12Gb/s 7mm MLC Enrterprise Solid State Drive SSDS_SEAG_80_09 $1450.95 1 $1450.95
Seagate SSD XS6400LE70014 6.4T Nytro3531 SAS 2.5 inch SED Retail SSDS_SEAG_6T_11 $2379.95 1 $2379.95
Kingston Solid State Drive SUV500M8/120GBK 120G M.2 Bulk Pack IFMS_KING_01_11 $45.95 1 $45.95
ATACOM G650 2U ACTIVE CPU COOLER INTEL LGA1366 FA13_ATAC_G6_50 $36.95 1 $36.95
Intel CPU BX80684E2124 Xeon E-2124 KABL 4 Core /4 Thread 3.30GHz 8M FC-LGA14C BOX Retail CP46_INTE_E2_23 $232.95 1 $232.95
ASRock PS PSU CRPS 800W 800W 80 PLUS Platinum 50 60Hz Brown Box POWS_ASRK_2A_01 $499.95 1 $499.95
IEI AFLP-12BMSI-U Hybrid Card Reader for AFL-12B with bracket USB interface Magnetic Smart Card iButton IAMO_IEIX_AF_41 $199.00 1 $199.00
Asus Motherboard TUF Z370 PLUS GAMING Intel Z370 Chipset Gen 8 Core i7/i5/i3 Socket LGA1151 DDR4, GBLAN, 6 x SATA3/2 x M.2, HDMI/DVI-D, PCIe 3.0, USB 3.1, ATX Retail MB01_ASUS_Z3_73 $175.95 1 $175.95
Supermicro 1027GR-TRT2 Dual XEON LGA2011 Intel C602 1U Rackmount GPU-Server HPC-Server Barebone w/ X9DRG-HTF+II, CSE-118GH-R1K66B, 3x PCI-E X16, IPMI, 2x 10GBase-T, 4x Hot-Swap 2.5 SATA 6G, RAID, 1600W Redundant PSU: SYS-1027GR-TRT2 SYI1_SUPE_10_41 $2239.95 1 $2239.95
Supermicro SYS-F617R2-R72+ 4U FatTwin LGA2011 C602, 8 Node, 6x 2.5 Hot-Swap HDD, SAS, 2x GBLAN, IPMI, 1620W Redundant PSU w/ X9DRFR, CSE-F418BC-R1K62B High Density-Server VMWare Certified SYI4_SUPE_47_11 $8272.95 1 $8272.95
IEI AFL-412AB-N270/R/1G-R23 12.1 Inch 1024x768, 700:1 Touchscreen, Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz 945GSE w/ 1GB RAM, Wi-Fi, 2x COM, 1x GBLAN, 5x USB 2.0, Audio, VGA, CF Slot, BT, AFOLUX All-In-One Touch Panel PC ISPP_IEIX_AD_AO $1012.00 1 $1012.00
IEI,ECN-680AW-H61-P-R10,Intel H61,Embedded System,Pentium Dual Core G6xxT CPU (Above 2.2GHz), TDP 35W,1 x 204-pin 1066/1333 MHz dual-channel DDR3 SDRAM DIMM slot (system max. 8GB),1 x HDMI,1 x DVI-D,1 x VGA,2 x RJ-45 Gigabit LAN,build-in 802.11b/g/n wire ISFB_IEIX_DI_37 $785.00 1 $785.00
ASRock MB ROMED8HM3 AMD EPYC 7002 7001 SP3 64GB Half Width Brown Box MBS3_ASRK_E7_07 $618.95 1 $618.95
Innodisk DE4H-16GD31W1DT 16GB EDC 4000 44-Pin Vertical Industrial SLC Dual Channel, Wide Temperature -40 - +85c, 40 Read / 20 Write IFID_INNO_DE_53 $257.95 1 $257.95
Silverstone Case SST-SG13WB mITX NO PS 0/0/(1) USB 3.0 Black and White Retail ICMI_SILV_11_13 $52.95 1 $52.95
TYAN Thunder CX GT75BB7102 (B7102G75BV10HR-2T) Intel C621 Chipset, Dual XEON Scalable Socket P(LGA3647) Processor 1U Rackmount Server Barebone, DDR4, 10 x 2.5IN Drive Bays, 2 x 10GBLAN, PCI-E, SATA, VGA, USB, 750W Redundant Power Supply SYI1_TYAN_71_02 $2261.95 1 $2261.95
Innodisk DES9B-01GJ30AW1SSF 1GB SATADOM D150SH SATA2 3Gb/s Pin7 VCC Supported Industrial SLC Single Channel, Wide Temperature -40 - +85c, 23 Read / 5 Write DOMS_INNO_S9_26 $60.95 1 $60.95
Innodisk DRPS-02GJ30AWASS 2GB mSATA D150Q (BGA) (Industrial, W/T Grade, -40 - 85C) SLC 33 Read, 26 Write IFMS_INNO_DR_24 $56.95 1 $56.95
IEI AFLFP-412A-B-R10 12.1INCH Faceplate for AFL-412A series Black IAMO_IEIX_AF_17 $140.00 1 $140.00
IEI KINO-DA750-i2-R10 Mini-ITX SBC supports Socket FS1 AMD R-series CPU with A75 thriple HDMI DVI Dual PCIe GbE USB3.0 PCIe mini SATAIII and Audio iRIS-2400 IMBM_IEIX_AU_01 $246.00 1 $246.00
Western Digital SSD WDS240G3G0B 240GB M.2 2280 SATA III WD Green Retail IFMS_WEST_2A_11 $47.95 1 $47.95
Supermicro SYS-2027TR-D70RF+ 2U Rackmount Server Barebone VMWare Certified LGA2011 C602, 12x 2.5 HDD, 2x GBLAN, SAS, 1280W Redundant PSU w/ X9DRT-HF+, CSE-217HD-R1K28MB SYI2_SUPE_27_20 $3074.95 1 $3074.95
Subtotal: $35246.33
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