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iBase CAS-AMI400-9EFM Embedded Systems Aluminum Chassis for MI910E 2.5 inch HDD holder 110W DC-DC Converter 150W Power Adaptor IP115 PCI Riser Card 1x VGA 2x RJ45 ISFB_IBAS_MC_07 $664.95 1 $664.95
Ergotron SV42-3312-1 SV CART W/ LCD PIVOT LIFE POWERED 1 DRWR TAA MNAC_ATAC_SV_34 $5613.95 1 $5613.95
Innodisk DES8-02GJ30ACASSF 2GB SATADOM D150SV-L P7 VCC (BGA) (Industrial, Standard Grade, 0C - +70C) SLC 31 Read, 16 Write IFSD_INNO_D6_17 $57.95 1 $57.95
IEI AFL2-W15B-H61-i3/R-MF-R10 15.6 Inch 1366x768, 500:1 Touchscreen, Intel Core i3 DualIntel Core 21xxx (Above 2.5GHz) H61,Wi-Fi, 3x COM, 2x GBLAN, 2x USB 3.0, 3x USB 2.0, 1x miniUSB, 1x microSD, Audio, HDMI, VGA, CF Slot, 1x 2.5 HDD, mini-PCIe ISPP_IEIX_DI_3K $1412.95 1 $1412.95
TYAN CFAN-0320 TF-FAN ASSY,SANYO-DENKI,9CRA0412J501,40X40X56 FANS_TYAN_02_20 $27.95 1 $27.95
Advantech GMB-N270G2-S6A1E Intel mini-ITX Motherboard w/ Atom N270 1.6GHz Single Core, 2GB DDR2-533 SO-DIMM, 2x VGA, TV-out, 2x GBLAN IMBM_ADVA_AD_05 $239.00 1 $239.00
IEI 19800-000047-RS Single Port RS-232 Cable for IMB-8550, Serial Cable IRCE_IEIX_19_15 $17.95 1 $17.95
IEI 19800-000051-RS Two D-9F Cable w/ Bracket, 2x(2x5) 2.54mm Pitch Connector, L:23cm, Serial Cable IRCE_IEIX_19_17 $17.95 1 $17.95
Atacom 80mm Crystal Led (Blue) Ball Bearing 2nd Case Fan FANL_ATAC_80_B0 $8.95 1 $8.95
Advantech PCM-9562N-S6A1E Intel 5.25 Inch EBX SBC Motherboard w/ Atom N450, 2GB DDR2-667 SO-DIMM, VGA, LVDS, 2x GBLAN IMB5_ADVA_AP_05 $303.95 1 $303.95
IEI IVIPOWER-2PIN-R10 Power Adapter, 63000-FSP040DGAA1107-RS with Switching Cable 32002-005000-100-RS IPAD_IEIX_IC_07 $39.00 1 $39.00
Vantec NexStar GX NST-370GX 3.5 in Hard Drive Enclosure USBE_VANT_37_GX $28.99 1 $28.99
Patriot PSF32GTAB3USB 32GB Lifestyle Tab USB 3.0 Flash Drive MEUS_PATR_TB_13 $29.95 1 $29.95
MSI Motherboard Z170A KRAIT GAMING Intel Z170 Chipset Gen6 Core i7/i5/i3 Socket LGA1151 DDR4, GBLAN, 6 x SATA3/SATA Express/M.2, PCIe 3.0, DVI/HDMI, USB 3.1, ATX Retail MB01_MICS_Z1_7B $165.95 1 $165.95
RedTop RTC-8AO-M Rugged Tablet with MIL-STD-810G Military Certified Design IP65 (Dust/Water Protection) and MSR Built in / Window 7 Pro / Intel N2600 1.6Ghz CPU/8 Inch TFT LCD Touch Panel 1024X767 ĘC Sunlight Readable/32 GB mSATA SSD / 2GB DDR3 Memory ISPR_REDT_C8_A2 $1784.00 1 $1784.00
Innodisk DC1T-02GJ30AW2DS 2GB Cfast SATA D150Q (Industrial, W/T Grade, -40 - 85C) SLC 47 Read, 16 Write IFCF_INNO_DC_56 $60.95 1 $60.95
Intel Server Barebone System R2208LT2HKC4 2U 1600W Redundant Power Supply Workstation 8x2.5inch 48DIMM Socket R No CPU SYI2_INTE_2U_D1 $3489.95 1 $3489.95
Portwell SATA connector CBL-SATA PW.450mm.15P- 4P.CN.5050A for Case WEBS-1053 IMBN_PORT_AE_29 $10.50 1 $10.50
Cooler Master-R4-BM9S-28PK-R0 R4-BM9S-28PK-R0 92mm Blade Master 92 Cooling Fan, 17-35dbA, 15.7-54.8CFM FANS_COMX_BM_92 $10.95 1 $10.95
Supermicro SYS-F628G2-FT+, FatTwin 4U Rackmount Server w/4 nodes Intel Dual Xeon E5-2600 v3 Socket R3 (LGA2011) CPU w/X10DRFF-IG , DDR4, PCI-E, GBLAN , SATA3 ,RAID, IPMI, 6 x 2.5in Hot-swap HDD per Node , 2000W Redundant PSU per Node SYI4_SUPE_FD_2M $4783.32 1 $4783.32
Innodisk D2SN-B56J20ACAES 256GB FiD 2.5 Inch SATA 25000 SSD (Super CAP, Industrial) SLC 8 Channel, Standard Temp 0-70c, 240 Read / 200 Write IFCD_INNO_D2_34 $3465.95 1 $3465.95
IEI, RACK-3000GWATX-R21/A130B, 4U 14-slot Full-size Rackmount Chassis,with out power supply,2 x 8cm cooling fans ICRA_IEIX_4X_W9 $243.00 1 $243.00
QLOGIC 12800-SPDB01 DOUBLE SPINE FOR 12800 SWITCHES NETA_QLOG_12_26 $11279.95 1 $11279.95
ZOTAC NVIDIAGeForce GTX 960 2GB ZT-90301-10M DDR5 128Bit DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort x3 Retail VIDR_ZOTA_ZT_1M $209.95 1 $209.95
SUPERMICRO SYS-6036T-3R 3U/MID-TOWER SERVER Barebone VMWare Certified BLACK SYI3_SUPE_60_3R $1215.00 1 $1215.00
Advantech PCM-9590FG-00A2E Intel 945GME 5.25 Inch EBX SBC Motherboard w/ Optional Core Duo Socket 478, 4GB DDR2-667 SO-DIMM, VGA, LVDS, 2x GBLAN IMB5_ADVA_MB_01 $401.95 1 $401.95
IEI 32100-121100-RS Audio cable with length 200 mm 2 x 5-pin pitch 2.0 mm for AC-KIT-892HD-R10 IRCM_IEIX_RS_01 $15.00 1 $15.00
Advantech PCM-233A-00A1E SATA to IDE module for SATA device IMDB_ADVA_PS_23 $30.00 1 $30.00
IOGEAR GPAW2U4 GearPower Dual USB 4.2A 20W Wall Charger (Retail) USBD_IOGE_GP_11 $28.95 1 $28.95
Jetway NF9B-2550 Mini-ITX Intel Atom D2550 1.86GHz CPU NM10 IMBM_JETA_AC_15 $145.00 1 $145.00
Subtotal: $35878.76
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