Serial ATA150 Cable 18"
(Straight) (RED)
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Device Side Interface
Serial ATA/150


Maximum Throughput

18" 1.5ft

  • Needed for Serial ATA Hard Drive
  • Perfect for use with the HighPoint RocketHead100 IDE Hard Drive to Serial ATA Converter/Adapter
  • Four S-ATA cables equals width of single parallel ATA cable making Serial ATA cable more efficient in cooling
  • Serial ATA (S-ATA) cable consists of a minimum of four wires, with differential pairs for transmitting and receiving data. Also allows for additional ground wires as deemed necessary.
  • Maximum cable length for the Serial ATA is 1 meter
  • S-ATA is also point-to-point. Each S-ATA connection supports a single drive meaning no more figuring out which jumper to set.
  • Serial ATA devices aren't dependent on a host controller for DMA. The standard also has hot-swapping designed in, which means you can swap drives while the system is running.
  • ATA uses a 7-pin connector (to accommodate any additional ground wires), and is considerably more compact than the parallel ATA plug.

Note: Serial Power Adapter is needed for Serial ATA Hard Drives to function
Note: Actual item may differ from picture shown

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